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We are able to service and repair all makes and models of motorcycles and scooters to a high standard.
Why wait 5 weeks for your service to be carried out by some of our competitors when you can call us today!
Services Offered

We have tried to make our pricing clear, fair and very competitive.

Full services includes:

* Oil Replacement
* Oil Filter Replacement
* Spark Plug Replacement
* Brake Pads Check/Replacement
* Brake Fluid Check/Replacement
* Air Filter Check/Cleaning
* Steering Check/Adjustment
* Suspension System Check
* Gear Oil Check/Replacement
* Throttle Freeplay Check/Adjustment
* Carb Mixture Check/Adjustment
* Idle Speed Check/Adjustment
* Electric Systems Check
* Battery Check
* Coolant Check/Replacement
* Tyre Pressure Check/Adjustment
* Tyre Condition Check/Replacement
* Transmission rollers Check/Replacement

Our services also include:

* Alarm Installation
* Transport
* After accident repairs
* Technical assessment of motorcycle before purchase
* Fairing repair