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Vehicles need regular checks and servicing which enable them to work for you more efficiently and without any problems.

If you are a professional driver, use your car for business purposes, commute to work or just use it occasionally for social and recreational purposes, Mario Garage can help you maintain your vehicle in good condition.

Our mission is to help you keep your vehicle in good condition, so it doesn’t fail you unexpectedly wherever you are, when it could have been prevented by a simple, quick and regular maintenance and servicing.

We provide a wide range of services for cars, vans and motorcycles. Most common ones include:

* Servicing (Oil Change etc.)
* Brakes
* Clutches
* Exhausts
* Timing Belts
* Computer Diagnostics
* pre-MOT servicing to make sure your vehicle is ready for MOT test
* Batteries
* Starter Motor Systems
* Alternators
* Suspension and Hydraulic Systems
* Engine Servicing and Repairs
* Welding Repairs
* 24 Hour Breakdown Recovery Service

The above services do not provide the full list. If you want to know about any specific problem or service, please contact us for non-obligatory advice or a quote.

We provide pre-MOT and MOT services. The pre-MOT examination of vehicles is very popular. We check everything and inform you about any possible problems that may arise during your MOT test due to the vehicle condition.
We will let you know what should be repaired and we can also undertake the servicing for you.
We provide a guarantee on this service that your vehicle is fully prepared for its MOT and everything is covered, from minor vehicle management and general servicing to more complex issues.
This service does not only give you the peace of mind that your MOT is as painless as possible saving you time and money, but also, most importantly, it ensures the safety of you and your passengers when you’re on the road. However, our mission is to have your car in good, road-worthy condition not only for MOT Test, but for the whole year round.

The team at Tom’s Garage are passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs and with diligence and precision, we make your driving stress free, safe and enjoyable.