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Your vehicle will be dealt with by mechanics experienced in working on a vastly wide array of motorcycles and cars in all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance including MOT and vehicle electrics.

Our commitment to quality and honest service has resulted in a solid and trusted reputation throughout our client base.


We are experienced in all aspects of vehicle diagnostics, repair, servicing and maintenance including MOT and vehicle electrics.


Our professional team of mechanics provides required servicing and repairs with accuracy and unparalleled precision whether carrying out a quick service or a complex repair.



Our friendly and reliable mechanics are qualified and have over 10 years of experience between themselves.

As we value our qualifications and experience in this profession and carry out our work in a garage that is well equipped with modern, professional tools and equipment we are able to provide our customers with a guarantee on all our services.

If your vehicle requires any servicing, repair or you are not sure what the problem might be come to Mario Garage and we will take care of it or give you professional advice.


The way we operate is not revolutionizing industry - we are just doing things how they always should have been done offering honest, value for money, quality professional service